Build The Dream Every Day

One of the hurdles business owners face in chasing their dreams is to lose sight of what it is they are chasing. They tend to get so caught up in the daily grind that they forget why they are doing it. They run the risk of beginning to think that they are working for the sake of working, just as employees do.

The most effective way of ensuring that this doesn’t happen to you is to review your dreams on a regular basis. You should look at your dream chart every day.

Building the dream for yourself

By viewing your dream chart every day, first and foremost, you will be beginning the process of materializing the dream for yourself. You will be impregnating your mind with your dream reality.

Remember, this is your dream. It will soon become your reality.

Building the dream for those close to you

By including those close to you in your dreams, you are helping them to also achieve theirs. They will perceive that your future and theirs is intrinsically linked, which will make the attainment of it so much easier. The more who are included the easier it will be to achieve because the level of accountability will be so much higher.

Building the dream for others

The more you give, the more you will receive. This ancient piece of wisdom is as true today as it was all those centuries ago.

Build the dream of those who work for you in your business. If they are able to move closer to their dreams because your business is thriving, then they will be more willing to do whatever it takes to make sure your business achieves even greater goals. They will begin to link their success with that of your business, and you will see true leverage begin to work. More will now be achieved with less effort. Results will be that much greater, that much more meaningful and much more sweet. There will be no losers, only winners.

How do I create a dream chart?

Build the dream every day

A dream chart is a visual representation of what you aspire to and the material things that represent your goals. For example if you perceive all Mercedes Benz car owners as successful business people, then you might find a picture of a Mercedes Benz to include in your dream chart.

The best thing to do is to find images / words / phrases that represent your dreams and put them together on one chart. This may seem like you’re going back to kindergarten but what the mind can conceive, it can believe.