Does My Business Look Big In This?

When I look in the mirror lately, I see my business staring right back at me.

And when I go into work – it’s just like looking in the mirror.

This week I’ve realized that like a prize-fighter who has become a little soft around the edges, my business AND my body could both do with a little toning.

I’m a firm believer that the world reflects back to us what and who we are – from the relationships we attract in life to the material possessions we surround ourselves with, even to the businesses we create and run.

Let’s face it, when times are good we don’t think twice about having that extra piece of brownie, or purchasing more stock than is really necessary, just to have it on hand. After all, you can afford it! A little bit extra here or there won’t hurt, right?

Wrong. And the mirror doesn’t lie.

There’s no doubt that after a while of comfortable growth, every business gets to the point where it could be a little sharper, a little leaner, a little hungrier. (I could probably get used to being a little hungrier myself too.)

So – It’s time to tone up and trim down for me – in all areas of my life. Which means I’ll be:

  1. Shaving the excess off my waistline with a new diet and training 3 times a week, and
  2. Shaving excess costs around the business – for example, ensuring we’re not ordering over and above stock we need, or exceeding the amount of catering we need for events and so on.

Come to think of it, the second resolution should be very useful in helping me achieve the first!

Where in your business or life could you trim some fat? Is it time to take stock and cut back in some areas? What does your business need to do to become a lean, mean fighting machine again? It’s your responsibility, and as a wise man once said, ‘As within, so without’ …

Which I guess translates to a ban on the chocolate cake ‘going within’! (For a little while at least).