Known Issues

The information below document some of the known issues, or ‘Important To Know’ items when using the planning system.


Some browsers do not work well and don’t have the capabilities to create the on-screen experience your Planning Portal has to offer. Some of the pop-up features do not work with Firefox … in fact, some will not even show when you use this browser. Some browsers will draw the screen incorrectly and not allow you to enter data.

For these reasons, we have listed supported browsers and un-supported browsers.

Supported Browsers

  • Google Chrome version 46.0.2490.86 or higher
  • Apple Safari version 9.02 or higher
  • Internet Explorer Version 11 or higher

Browsers NOT Supported

  • Firefox
  • Opera
  • OmniWeb and iCab
  • Konqueror and Epiphany

Anti Virus

Some antivirus software checks every entry of data on a website and will result in the planning system going very slow. Some virus software has set the firewalls so tight it will make the planning system come to a full stop.

For these reasons, we have listed supported virus and un-supported virus software.

Supported Anti Virus

Supported does not mean we are recommending the virus protection software as the best, or good virus software. The reason its ‘Supported’ is that it does not slow the online Planning System down.

  • McAfee
  • Trend Micro
  • Aviar

Anti Virus Not Supported

  • Kaspersky
  • Norton

Kaspersky and Nortons require changing the firewall settings and having the firewall accept the planning site and associated pages.  The challenged posed by Kaspersky and Norton’s is simple … they slow the planning system to a crawl OR will stop it from loading entirely.  To fix the issue, you will need to have an IT qualified person adjust the virus program.

If you log into the planning system and it works well – then all is good.

Internet Speed Minimums

Your internet speed needs to be a minimum of:

  • Ping: 35 ms or less
  • Download speed: 7.0Mbps or higher
  • Download speed: 2.0Mbps or better

Check Your Internet Speed:

Internet Speed Test


Wireless systems are like computers … some are old and don’t work well anymore, some are slow (even if you have fast internet speed) and will not process the information quickly, and some are super powers … and make your life easy.

Not every wireless router will perform for your needs.  AND in most cases – if you have purchased a standard wireless router – no more than 5 people and/or devices connected at one time is recommended.  If you are experiencing slow access to your Planning System then investigate purchasing a faster wireless router.

Tablet Computers

Tablet computer may run ‘cut down’ version of software, low memory, and low processing power.

The online PlanningSYSTEM connects to a secure server and may not run effectively on a table. The online PlanningSYSTEM also has a lot of calculation to calculate the 5-year projections etc. (Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet, Annual Cash Flow Analysis, Marginal Cash Analysis, Monthly Cash Analysis and Financial Ratios) … these calculations may take a lot longer on a tablet. Therefore a tablet is not recommended.