[title size=”1″ content_align=”left” style_type=”none” sep_color=”” margin_top=”0″ margin_bottom=”20″ class=”” id=””]The One Minute Manager – In 1 Minute[/title]

In a company of 25 people, how many actually work for the owner?

The answer – none.

Nobody ever really works for someone else – EVERYONE, without exception, works for themselves. When I have my manager’s hat on …  it’s my job to help other people work better, amass a greater skill set and build a marketable employment record so that they leave my team richer than when they joined.

Obviously in the process of working on their career, they’ll benefit my organization – but they don’t work FOR me – they have their own goals and objectives, their own dreams and passions. It’s a small distinction to make, but one that business owners need to get wise to early on in the piece – and the sooner they do, the more they’ll get out of their staff.

One way to help staff work more effectively for themselves is be a better manager. Simple, right?

If you don’t read managerial books or listen to educational audio material in your car, you’re missing out an EXTREMELY valuable opportunity to better yourself. Don’t just think about starting this habit next week – download an audiobook now or buy a suitable book and get cracking TODAY!

One book in particular I’d highly recommend is the One Minute Manager. With 13 million copies sold worldwide and 10,000 more selling every month – it’s one of the best selling management books in history (a good place to start on your quest for managerial superstardom).

It’s short and sweet (so a good one to lay some solid foundations) and covers the three keys to being a master of management – they’re so simple you can even implement one of them today:

  1. Set 1 minute goals WITH your staff,
  2. Use 1 minute praisings when goals are achieved, and
  3. Use 1 minute reprimands when goals are not achieved

It’s a highly effective system – and the best part is, it only requires that you spend one minute on each of the above to get a LOT more out of your people – and in turn, yourself!

Try one of the One Minute Manager’s tips today and see what a difference it can make.

And remember, you have three options when it comes to having the best staff around, you can either

  1. Hire winners (expensive),
  2. Hire those with potential and train them to be winners (recommended) or,
  3. Start praying